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ZEINAPUR is an indie rock artist by Russian Persian soprano Roksana Zeinapur and British guitarist and producer David Labovitch. The duo skillfully blends their contrasting backgrounds in opera and rock to create a sound that is equal parts nostalgic and brand new. 

Their debut EP EVERYTHING IS YOURS is now steaming on all platforms. 


The title track to Zeinapur’s debut EP, Everything Is Yours is a dialog with oneself about the experience of falling in love. The song echoes music by Sade and Pink Floyd, with the guitar solo stealing the show as it takes the song to a climactic finale.


“Miracle” is a captivating window into the sonic universe of Zeinapur, where Roksana’s lush, unmistakable voice takes center stage. The black and white video takes the listener a step deeper into the charismatic duo’s mesmerizing, surrealist world.

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